Charnwood Arts NCKU Internship programme 2014-2019

This book provides an insight into some of the activities and outcomes of the relationship between Charnwood Arts (UK) and the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan. The book was designed by the 2019 interns and highlights the journeys and accomplishments of all of the interns who have participated in the programme over the past six years.  Funded by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education and National Cheng Kung University, the programme was initiated by Professor Ming Turner of NCKU and Kevin Ryan of Charnwood Arts.

For The Fallen

For The Fallen is a book produced by members of the Charnwood Great War Centenary Project as part of a three year project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. It charts the progression of the war against the loss of Loughborough men who are remembered on two local church memorials.

2016 - A Brief Look at Our 40th Birthday Year

Celebrating forty year of the work of Charnwood Arts, this booklet highlights some of the high points in the pursuit of bringing good quality arts to people across Charnwood and beyond.  Filled with images by and of parictants and artists, the booklet takes the reader on a visual rollercoaster rise of Charnwood Arts’ project both at home and abroad. The book curates a tiny fraction of projects, events, exhibitions and performances that have enriched the lives of people living in Charnwood and connected the town with the world.

Heart of 3 Cities 2018

The Heart of 3 Cities newspaper is an annual publication from Charnwood Arts that highlights a variety of arts and cultural events for the coming summer season along with arts related news stories from the local area. Serving the entirety of Charnwood, Heart of 3 Cities is designed to link people to creative events and projects taking place in the locality whilst celebrating Charnwood’s unique  location between and relationship with the cities of Leicester, Nottingham and Derby in the East Midlands. 


Where We Live and What we Know is an ongoing project from Charnwood Arts as part of People Making Places. This first phase of the project began to take place in 2017 with the development of a series of drawings focused on a selection of villages in the central part of Charnwood embracing the forest, river valley and wolds. The drawings form part of a series produced by Paul Gent that will be turned into an e-publication and exhibited at a range of locations in the borough. 


The Charnwood Great War Centenary Project Archive provides an online compilation of activities, projects and outputs between 2014 and 2017, realated to the commemoration of World War One across Charnwood.





Wymeswold, which probably started life in the late Saxon period (AD 700 - 900), derives its name from "Wymund's Wald", meaning 'Wymund's Wood'. Again, we have no information about who Wymund was but the name implies a possible link with 'Wymund's Ham' (Wymondham) in the east of the county.



For centuries there was a functioning mill at Cotes (on the A60) providing for the local community until 1973 when it was closed as the last working flour mill in the county.

There were two mills; the Lower Mill and the Upper Mill that were known as The King’s Mills and served the people of Loughborough. The Lower Mill is still situated on the A60 across the bridge from Cotes itself and is known as Cotes Mill, which today is home to the local kitchen company deVOL which was originally based in Quorn. 

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