50 Years of Equality Action

This 50th Anniversary publication celebrates the work and endeavours of Equality Action over the past half century. The book explores the history of the organisation including how Equality Action began back in 1969 as primarily a ‘race relations’ organisation and later evolved its work and relevance over the years through working within the local community.

2016 - A Brief Look at Our 40th Birthday Year

Celebrating forty year of the work of Charnwood Arts, this booklet highlights some of the high points in the pursuit of bringing good quality arts to people across Charnwood and beyond.  Filled with images by and of parictants and artists, the booklet takes the reader on a visual rollercoaster rise of Charnwood Arts’ project both at home and abroad. The book curates a tiny fraction of projects, events, exhibitions and performances that have enriched the lives of people living in Charnwood and connected the town with the world.

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