April, 2020
A celebration of 50 years of Equality Action's work in Loughborough and Charnwood

This 50th Anniversary publication celebrates the work and endeavours of Equality Action over the past half century. The book explores the history of the organisation including how Equality Action began back in 1969 as primarily a ‘race relations’ organisation and later evolved its work and relevance over the years through working within the local community.

The book explores how cohesive community relations have been built over the years through engagement and investment in cultural partnerships. The role of the organisation is explored as it supported people living on the margins of society through providing language lessons, advice sessions relating to debt and money, immigration and citizenship and work skills.  This work is highlighted in the book through case studies and real life accounts. 

The book also examines Equality Action’s multifaceted role in tackling hate crimes, radicalisation promoting health, well being and cultural understanding through sport, recreation and campaigning.


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