October, 2018
A haiku walk and haiku workshop on the campus of National Cheng Kung University, Tainan conducted by Charnwood Arts

In 2016 Charnwood Arts held its third summer academic student internship from the Taiwanese National Cheng Kung University. The group of MA students worked with a range of artists whilst they were here including some joint work with Leicester based artist Ashok Mistry. The relationship between Charnwood Arts, Ashok and the students grew into a set of proposals for a project that would combine the building of an ever changing exhibition space and a workshop programme that encompassed a number of different artforms. 


We called this process The Creative Continuum with the idea that it reflected the never ending ripples of creative activity that fire off of human relationships, between each other and the places and times we inhabit. In that sense this is a project that has no beginning or end. 


One of the workshops, (some were led by Ashok, some by Ashok and Kevin Ryan, some by Kevin and some led by students - with or without Ashok and Kevin!) -  led by Kevin and faciltated by help from students and local residents was focused on literature inspired by Japanese short form writing and Chinese poetry. The workshop also included a guided haiku walk based on research Kevin had undertaken with local residents to highlight features of the historic NCKU campus site. 


The resultant haiku written by participants in English and Chinese were then shared collectively and all translated into English. These were then read as a single series of linked poems, combining into a single work. This was put into a small booklet form with photographs taken during the period of research on the campus. 


You can see the book at the link below and also find out more about NCKU and the first iteration of The Creative Contiuum as we celebrated NCKU's 85th birthday. 


A Charnwood Arts Project
Supported by: 
National Cheng Kung University