A look at the Artslink-Czechia publication

Artslink international is an occasional series of arts and cultural magazines produced by participants and collaborators with Charnwood Arts.  The magazines both reflect and initiate new connections between Charnwood, Leicester(shire) and other locations around the globe. Each magazine provides an opportunity for its creator(s) to learn new skills, and share their own and develop new insights into arts and cultural activity with a wider audience.  Each magazine is produced ready for print but initially distributed to a worldwide audience as an e-magazine through iSSUU.com (see the link below).


This issue of Artslink International was produced by Richard Gatward (UK) and focuses on the largest music festival in Czech Republic, and one of the largest in Europe: Colours of Ostrava Festival.


The edition starts by providing a portrait of the Czech Republic, focusing in on details of the city Richard passes through on his way to Ostrava. As Richard describes the train pulling into the station, one can imaging Ostrava as the hub of the steel industry and its subsequent transformation into a cultural hub.  The publication goes on to describe the journey over seventeen years which saw a decommissioned steel plant re energised as one of the largest music festivals in Europe attracting a very similar line-up as Glastonbury and around thirty thousand people. 


The publication also focuses on some of the artists performing looking at their relationship with the festival and some of the special stages that have been set up at the festival to develop and encourage emerging talent. The final chapter in the publication examines the festival’s impact on the local economy as it attracts the equivalent of 10% of the population of Ostrava each year and people from across continental Europe.  Artslink Czechia bristles with first hand interviews with attendees, organisations, bands and locals, providing an exhilarating panorama of this enthralling festival.


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