August, 2013
Artslink Magazine Looking at art and artists from France

Artslink international is an occasional series of arts and cultural magazines produced by participants and collaborators with Charnwood Arts.  The magazines both reflect and initiate new connections between Charnwood, Leicester(shire) and other locations around the globe. Each magazine provides an opportunity for its creator(s) to learn new skills, and share their own and develop new insights into arts and cultural activity with a wider audience.  Each magazine is produced ready for print but initially distributed to a worldwide audience as an e-magazine through iSSUU.com (see the link below).

This issue of Artslink was produced by Amélie Goebel an academic intern through de Montfort University. This issue focused on artists, photographers and art centres/associations across France. This edition focuses a variety of approaches to art highlighting the connection between creative making and creative writing.

Featured in this magazine were:    

Samuel Dougados, an artist from Biarritz who creates ephemeral work.  He creates large compositions over land or on sand. Ultimately the artworks are eroded by the elements. However, Samuel captures stunning photographs of his work once completed.  

Live Architecture Festival (Festival des Architectures Vives) is an event that takes place in the South of France every year during the month of June. It was created by the Association ‘Champ Libre’ in 2006 whose main mission is to promote architecture in Montpellier and the Languedoc Roussillon region through the organisation of programs, cultural events and projects. This provides a platform for architects, urban planners, professionals and the general public to meet and collaborate

Les Commandos Percu is a performance company from Toulouse which was put together in 1994. The company was born from a partnership with Claude Walter from ‘Rythmes & Sons’ (Rhythms & Sounds), a sound laboratory, which provided the creation of original instruments and unique sounds. The initial idea behind the company was to put together a team of mobile street art percussion performers capable of delivering surprise to the audience. They have performed locally in Derby and Leicester and been photographed extensively by Charnwood Arts there and in the Lake District. 

Julien Creuzet is an artist originally from Martinique. He previously studied at Les Beaux- Arts, both in Caen and Lyon, where he first obtained a National Superior Diploma of Art and then a postgraduate degree in Art. His work explores identity through installation art.

Festival des Lumières  (“Fête des Lumières) is an awe- inspiring festival of lights organised every year by the city council. Behind the festival lies a religious tradition which dates back to 1643. Originally, a procession would make its way every December to the Basilica of Fourvière to light candles and give offerings to Virgin Mary. during the festival, the city is lit up with projections, illuminated artworks and light focused performances. 

Transe Express is a street theatre company which was founded by sculptor Gilles Rhode and dancer & choreographer Brigitte Burdin. Pioneers of street arts, intervention theatre and aerial spectacles, Transe Express is the founder and initiator of “Art Céleste”- celestial art, a form of art which can be described as theatre above the city. Charnwood Arts have also documented some of their work in the UK.  

JR is a street artist whose artworks can be seen across the world.  Street artist, photographer or photojournalist? It is rather hard to categorize French artist JR and his work with a specific title. With no special art background or education, JR is a self- taught artist who has made a large mark on the contemporary art world.


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