June, 2018 to December, 2018
Artslink Magazine looking at art and artists from Thailand

Artslink international is an occasional series of arts and cultural magazines produced by participants and collaborators with Charnwood Arts.  The magazines both reflect and initiate new connections between Charnwood, Leicester(shire) and other locations around the globe. Each magazine provides an opportunity for its creator(s) to learn new skills, and share their own and develop new insights into arts and cultural activity with a wider audience.  Each magazine is produced ready for print but initially distributed to a worldwide audience as an e-magazine through iSSUU.com (see the link below).

This issue of Artslink was produced by Panutcha Taweekaew who interned with Charnwood Arts through De Montfort University.  The publication focused on artists from Thailand. A broad range of artists are explored from across Thailand providing a focused view on their inspirations and approaches.

Featured in this magazine were:                    

Maitree Siriboon, is an artists from northwest Thailand known as “Isan”.  Maitree’s work explores the water buffalo as an icon of Thailand. He paints the buffalos in bright colours and then photographs them as a comment on the evolution of Thai culture.        

Wijit Apichatkriengkrai hails from Sukhothai in central Thailand. Wijit’s work is closely linked to nature and he says “The nature of the artwork will reflect the natural world.” The work featured in the magazine is titled ‘Ecological Aesthetics in Thai Rice Culture’ and attempts to reconnect people with the culture behind cultivating rice.            

Muangthai Jirawongnirandon is a photographer from Bangkok whose images explore moods.  He works with colour to understand how tones inform and intimates the mood on an image, such as happiness or sadness.                

Nunthicha Direkwattananukul, is an illustrator based in Thailand.  At the core of her work she explores depictions of flowers and nature in art and design across Southeast Asia.  From her research she develops new imagery that combines the many influences that combine art and craft.    

Voraprada Voratananchai is a Thai artist whose work explores art as a therapy for both herself and other people.  Her project is titled “Is an Artist” and engages people to create imagery through participation with people of all ages.  The images created through this process are then developed (with permission) into larger artworks.


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