September, 2015 to November, 2015
Artslink Magazine looking at art and artists from Italy

Artslink international is an occasional series of arts and cultural magazines produced by participants and collaborators with Charnwood Arts.  The magazines both reflect and initiate new connections between Charnwood, Leicester(shire) and other locations around the globe. Each magazine provides an opportunity for its creator(s) to learn new skills, and share their own and develop new insights into arts and cultural activity with a wider audience.  Each magazine is produced ready for print but initially distributed to a worldwide audience as an e-magazine through iSSUU.com (see the link below).

This issue of Artslink was produced by Valentina Martini and Marta Pulin two 17 year old international placements with Charnwood Arts. The issue concentrated on artists, writers and art centres/associations across Italy. This edition focuses on a variety of approaches to art highlighting the connection between creative making and creative writing.

Featured in this magazine were:        

Mirca Lucato is an Italian painter from Vicenza. She creates abstract paintings that amongst other things, explores human fragility.  She has exhibited across Europe including the Venice Biennale.

HangarBicocca art centre is an art centre situated in Milan. It is seen as one of the most important cultural venues in Italy, hosting major arts events since 2004.  The article explores a number of their exhibitions by key international and Italian artists, including Joan Jonas, Ragnar Kjartasson and Damiàn Ortega, 

Pietro Tartamella is a writer whose work deals with social injustice.  His approach to writing is the product of life experience across the Europe including Britain where he led or was involved in revolts against unjust practices. Charnwood Arts first met and worked with him and others on the development of a project for a pan-European project working with prisoners.  

Spazio Ginko is an exhibition space in Rome that works as a conduit between the artist and art dealers/ galleries. Its is a unique space that enables emerging contemporary artists to connect directly with people from the art market. The organisation is the brainchild of artist Manlio Paglione. 

Marco Dal Maso is an artist and photographer from Vicenza.  After working in the fast paced world of photojournalism during his early career, Marco later experimented with stop motion and multimedia to create new artworks that explored more intimate themes.  

Andrea Boyer is an artist from Milan who works across photography and drawing.  He says “I was born with pencils. My brother and my father were really good at drawing and it led me to become interested in art”.  Boyer’s work explores detail in everyday situations.

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