August, 2020
A book exploring the Internship for Taiwanese students from NCKU at Charnwood Arts

This book provides an insight into some of the activities and outcomes of the relationship between Charnwood Arts (UK) and the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan. The book was designed by the 2019 interns and highlights the journeys and accomplishments of all of the interns who have participated in the programme over the past six years.  Funded by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education and National Cheng Kung University, the programme was initiated by Professor Ming Turner of NCKU and Kevin Ryan of Charnwood Arts. Initially developed as part of a module for MA students at the Institute of Creative Industries Design (ICID), the Internship has gone on to expand to involve students from Techno-Art and Industrial Design disciplines. Each internship provides a unique experience with challenges set by Charnwood Arts and Professor Turner that respond to Charnwood, the personal development of students and opportunities to further link work with NCKU.

The publication highlights the history of the internship programme and goes on to offer details of particular activities undertaken by students and also the broader themes explored by each cohort across the years.  Also covered is the spirit of adventure and exploration which are major parts of the internship programme as interns are encouraged to travel across the UK and Europe. The internship programme immerses students in an array of places and cultural experiences, allowing them to understand culture as a plural, ever evolving journey.


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A Charnwood Arts Project