December, 2019
An edition of Artslink looking at LGBT rights, culture and Pride festivals through the eyes of people from Chinese and Taiwanese heritages

Artslink international is an occasional series of arts and cultural magazines produced by participants and collaborators with Charnwood Arts.  The magazines both reflect and initiate new connections between Charnwood, Leicester(shire) and other locations around the globe. Each magazine provides an opportunity for its creator(s) to learn new skills, and share their own and develop new insights into arts and cultural activity with a wider audience.  Each magazine is produced ready for print but initially distributed to a worldwide audience as an e-magazine through (see the link below). pHotography is by Elenore & Evelyn Esther, Hanyu Lin, Shanghai PRIDE and Yun Ching Liao.


This issue of Artslink International was produced by Chao Huang Hanyu Lin and focuses on the Pride movement across different parts of the world including the UK, China and Taiwan and broader LGBT identity amongst the ethnic chinese communities around the world. 

The edition starts by providing a reflection of the contrast of attitudes towards LGBT people in the UK and in China and goes on to explore the colourful 2019 Pride in London event. 

The publication then goes on to explore interaction with 2019 Pride in London amongst people of Chinese origin (both LBGT and straight) living in the UK. Many speak of freedom, inclusivity and confidence as they take part in the event.  

LGBT rights are explored in mainland China by looking at general attitudes towards LGBT people and the history of LGBT movements. There is a real sense of people living in the shadows, unwilling to come out and live their diversity. The next chapter examines the Shanghai Pride through an interview with its co-founder, Raymond who speaks of the key motivations of the festival and focuses on art as a vehicle for expressing ideas and advocating on behalf of the community.

The final chapter examines Gay pride in Taiwan which has a longer history of LGBT parades and a more open attitude towards LGBT rights both as a society and in terms of legislation. The 2019 Act for Implementation of J.Y. Interpretation No. 748, enshrined Gay marrage into law.  This was a watershed moment and the article examines the road towards this legal land mark.


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