July, 2018 to July, 2019
A book exploring the history of Loughborough’s Suffragettes and the project to commemorate the centenary of the movement for the right to vote

Published in July 2019, this book focuses on the broader Heritage Lottery Fund (now named National Lottery Heritage Fund) financed project that grew out of initial research by Mike Shuker and the Loughborough Labour History Research Group. The project was a major part of the centennial commemorations of WW1. The book focuses both on the commemoration activities between 2018 and 2019 and the history of the period, bringing to light many new details.  The activities developed to research, understand, relive, commemorate and learn from the movement for suffrage are all explored in detail through the book. 

As the book demonstrates, the history of Loughborough’s Suffragettes begins long before World War One but, the shift of support to the movement possibly owes much more to the war than some would feel comfortable to admit. 

Given the relatively small number of committed Suffragettes nationally we can rightly celebrate the contribution of Loughborough women to the cause and continue to applaud and recognise their work through the efforts of this project and the work of local researchers. This project required many hundreds of hours of effort by many people, through planning, research, preparing materials and publications, events, exhibitions and talks.