Games Time was a partnership event for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad

Games Time was a free, spectacular, live outdoor stage show combining music, video, fireworks, professional dancers and up to 160 members of the local community in each venue. 


Games Time took place across the East Midlands over the UK Olympic Games summer of 2012 - the dates were: 

Saturday 9 June - Loughborough, Southfields Park
Saturday 7 July - Northampton, Delapre Abbey Park
Saturday 22 September - Derby, Darley Park


Games Time made its debut to great acclaim in front of 10,000 spectators on the sea-front of Skegness in July 2011. New performances were created in 2012 in collaboration with Charnwood Arts and local communities in Loughborough, and in Northampton and Derby. Kevin Ryan, Natalie Chabaud and Liao Yun Ching were also involved from Charnwood Arts in creating a photographic record from the Skegness Event through to the final performance at Darley Park. 

The Games Time team was led by Deda Producing with Lea Anderson (Artistic Director), Walk the Plank, Mahogany, Mick McNicholas, ArtsAgenda and QUAD.

It was one of four large scale community celebrations commissioned by Legacy Trust UK, designed to create a cultural legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

A Charnwood Arts Project
Supported by: 
Kevin Ryan
Natalie Chabaud and Liao Yun Ching for Games Time