March, 2015
A book exploring the the origins and presence of Loughborough Market

This book, originally created in 2015, depicts the dynamism of Loughborough Market, which serves people from the town Loughborough and its surrounding villages in north Leicestershire. The book has been created by interns from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan and the text was written by Terry Allen from Charnwood Arts in 2002 for the original People Making Places project.   

The book recounts the vast history and legal aspects of the market's existence.  As the book mentions, as of 2015 when the book was created, Loughborough Market and Fair was 794 years old gaining a royal charter in 1221 by King Henry III. Since its inception,  the market has always been held on a Thursday, bringing a vital thrum that has become the rhythm of the life of the town. From its origins centuries earlier, the book saunters through time to the present, exploring its long history along the way and more importantly, what the market meant for the people of Charnwood.


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