Working with the Aegis Trust Charnwood Arts brought Rwandan performance group Mashirika to Rawlins in Quorn in 2006 to give workshops and perform to students and staff.


copyright: Kev Ryan
copyright: Kev Ryan

In just three months in 1994, one million people were murdered in the Rwandan genocide, when the government tried to wipe out the Tutsi minority. 


Twelve years on from this, Mashirika, an internationally experienced youth arts performance company , came to Rawlins Community College to share their art. 


Mashirika , who are all survivors and refugees from the genocide, developed their performance, 'Hope Under Fire' to tell the story of the genocide , its aftermath and the development of a road towards a hopeful future.  They did this through a mix of theatre, dance and music. 


Through a series of powerful and moving workshops with students and a stunning performance the vitality and resilience of these remarkable young people left a lasting impression on everyone there. 


Paul Gent, an associate artist with Charnwood Arts and our joint artist in residence with Rawlins Community College, later travelled to Rwanda to support medical campaigns through his drawing and design work. Charnwood Arts also documented the work for Mashirika's website and a report on their UK visit. 


Aegis works to prevent genocide and mass atrocities worldwide


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