February, 2008
Edition 1 of the Kala Kahani Rangoli Magazine

The Rangoli magazine was developed to expand the work of the Charnwood Arts’ Kala Kahani project that aimed to “chronicle unique journeys and bring light to underexposed, raw South Asain Talent”.

Published in spring 2008, the first of the Rangoli Magazines, Edited by Raakhee Modha opens with the quote by George Bernard Shaw, “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”. This quote epitomises the edition as it takes the reader on a journey of innovative artist and writers who have carved out a unique approach to their creative work.

Amongst the highlights are are an interview with Amit Popat the then Diversity advisor for University of Arts London, literary reviews and interviews with well authors and writers Shahrukh Husain, Preethi Nair, Gautam Malkani and Shiromi Pinto, a feature on ‘the writer’s journey’- tracing the careers of Literary prize winner Kirti Joshi and poet Safraz Ahmed and a look at the art of the Sidis of Gujarat. 

Also featured in the edition was gallerist Jana Manuelpillai who opened The Noble Sage Art Gallery, a local school project commemorating the 60th anniversary of the partition of India following Indian independence, the photography of Nisha Kajal Patel and the writing of Raakhee Moda.

A Charnwood Arts Project