February, 2009
Edition 2 of the Kala Kahani Rangoli Magazine

The Rangoli magazine was developed to expand the work of the Charnwood Arts’ Kala Kahani project that aimed to “chronicle unique journeys and bring light to underexposed, raw South Asain Talent”.

Published in Spring 2009, this edition of Rangoli brings forth an even bigger crop of festivals, artist and writers originating from South Asia or exploring south Asain themes. This edition starts with a quote from Albert Einstein  ‘Your Imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”.  

Through this quote we see how this edition  builds on the themes of Kala Kahani by searching for artists from as far afield as the USA to explore a person's origins, how they are remembered and transmitted across generations to new places through imagination.  

Amongst the highlights are the Darbar Festival and Darbar’s ‘Shivir’ event - an intensive Indian classical music retreat bringing the Guru Shishya (teacher student) teaching tradition to Britain. 

Other highlights include the meditative sculpture of  fine artist, Sukjeven Chumber, the impelling and emotive photographs of Prantik Mazumder, Sitar Virtuoso Purbayan Chatterjee, sisters and co-writers Seetal and Rajvee Vyas and Visual artist Sumit Sarkar.

A Charnwood Arts Project