February, 2011
Edition 3 of the Kala Kahani Rangoli Magazine

The Rangoli magazine was developed to expand the work of the Charnwood Arts’ Kala Kahani project that aimed to “chronicle unique journeys and bring light to underexposed, raw South Asain Talent”.

Published in spring 2011, this edition of rangoli starts with the poem by Rita Purkayastha:

‘The calling of birds Inside,

String the heart only With love                    

As they dance in divine ecstasy In the in nite treasure

Of the soul.’

Building on the success of previous two publications Rangoli goes from strength to strength, uncovering new artists and writers from around the world who explore a uniquely South Asian cultural perspective.  Young and old, these creatives offer fresh new perspectives and interpretations of South Asia to the world beyond. 

The edition starts with ‘Faces of rural folk’ looking at the work and career of artist S Jayaraj and flows on to explore the poems of Mosen Jabbari.  An essay by publisher, Ross Brashaw brings into view the contribution of indian writers and writers of Indian origin to contemporary British literature while photographer, Bhavpreet Ghai fixes our view on the unseen details of everyday life.  

‘The Unfold Pinnacle’, a set of poems by Basant Kumar Kar are featured. The poems in this series draw on Kar’s experience of working with women on the margins of society. These painful yet illuminating poems attempt to “unfold the pinnacle of the sorrow and agony that a woman undergoes in her life”.

The edition is rounded off with the vivacious mixed media artworks of Mythili Thevendrampillai as she reimagines the panoply of Indian gods as present day celebrities.

A Charnwood Arts Project