November, 2018
A Pamphlet exploring the detailed history of the suffragette movement in Loughborough

This pamphlet delves into the detailed history of the suffragette movement in Loughborough.  The fight for suffrage is normally seen through the lens of events in major cities such as London, however, this project and the pamphlet emanating from it throws light on the bigger picture of the fight for suffrage.  Through painstaking research led by Mike Shuker and contributions from many other dedicated researchers and historians, a vivid picture of the contribution to suffrage by people in Loughborough. The pamphlet elucidates the research which uncovered the inception of the movements and its key protagonists in the context of Loughborough.  

The pamphlet contains a chronology of key precursive events that got people to think about suffrage such as the Married Woman’s Property Act of 1870. The pamphlet then picks up the story from the early years of suffrage at the turn of the 20th century through the great war and beyond. Also covered is a great deal of contextual information, enabling the reader to understand the dynamics of Loughborough and surrounding areas including the main employers in the area and how people lived and made a living.  


A Charnwood Arts Project