April, 2018
A Charnwood Arts project with Taiwanese collaborators to artistically document this remarkable arts and cultural event.

This was the second project undertaken by Charnwood Arts to create a link with this triennial festival and the community which supports it in the Southern Taiwanese fishing port of Donggang. 

The project involved working with visual artist Paul Gent to create 'on the spot' sketches throughout the eight days of the festival alongside the collection of further photographic images from Liao Yun Ching and Kevin Ryan and sound material and electronic sketches from James Chantry. The group also renewed their connections with local photographers, officials of the festival, collaborators, community members and friends from the first project and with participating artist Yi Yang, a native of Donggang. 

The project aimed to delve deeper into the meaning of the festival and present differnt ways of sharing it with a wider audience, both within Taiwan and internationally. In particular, the aim was to create material for an exhibition that could be toured both within Taiwan, the UK and further afield. 

The first exhibition was created for Next Art Tainan in March 2019 for exhibition until the 1st September 2019. It features the work of all five artists and the design work of Natalie Chabaud. Watch a video introduction in the web links below. You will also find a link to the book we produced from the first project in 2015. 


A Charnwood Arts Project
Supported by: 
Arts Council England