October, 2018
A project from Charnwood Arts to engage people living in rural communities in Charnwood through a mixture of the arts, culture and heritage .

Where We Live and What we Know is an ongoing project from Charnwood Arts as part of People Making Places. This first phase of the project began to take place in 2017 with the development of a series of drawings focused on a selection of villages in the central part of Charnwood embracing the forest, river valley and wolds. The drawings form part of a series produced by Paul Gent that will be turned into an e-publication and exhibited at a range of locations in the borough. 

Arts workshops have taken place in Wymeswold, Newton Linford, Burton and Seagrave Schools designed to encourage children to look more closely at and sketch their own environments. There was also a series of 'sketch crawls' as part of this first phase. 

The Loughborough based contemporary art gallery New Painters Modern Decorators also held an inagral exhibition related to the project  including a number of Paul's drawings. These drawings are also being utilised here on the PMP site to illustrate pages about the villages included in the project. 

A Charnwood Arts Project
Supported by: 
Arts Council England
Charnwood Borough Council and Rawlins Community Trust