Bare Bones Women's Morris from Loughborough Celebrate their 30th Birthday

Bare Bones Border Morris started in 1985 following a meeting of a group of friends in the pub who thought it seemed like a good idea!  After an initial practice period the side first danced out in public in summer 1986 and was still going strong in 2018! 


Many people have come and gone over the years but there are still a few original members.  The repertoire of dances has increased as members of the group have devised new ones but the kit they wear is still essentially the same as that originally worn, colours in Green, Red, Black and Yellow.  


They have danced at festivals and events all over the country as well as being regulars at Charnwood Arts annual Picnic in the park and have also danced in Loughborough's twin towns, Schwäbisch Hall in Germany and Gembloux in Belgium.


Although they step all their dances to a hornpipe rhythm, each one of them has its own character.  The tunes are traditional English Hornpipes, many of them with new ones created within the tradition.  Some dances go to a drum and one to a solo whistle.


Morris dancing can now be found all over Britain. Its origins are vague; some believe the dances to to be derived from the French Moresque or Spanish Morisca dances of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries; others believe the the dances to be the remains of fertility rites for soil and crops.


Distinctive styles of dancing developed associated with different parts of the country.  Bare Bones dance in the tradition that comes from the Welsh English border counties where the style of dancing is brash and energetic with much clashing of wooden sticks.

Charnwood Arts Involvement: