Bill Brookman , born and bred in Woodhouse in Charnwood, all round performer and creative being, supplier of mirth and jollity to the world!

Open Bill's website and this is what you will read: "Bill Brookman and Friends are a unique collection of performers, artists, dancers and musicians of all ages who perform celebratory street theatre, circus arts, puppetry, music and dance. They perform throughout Britain and beyond"...and in short that's just what he's been pulling together, directing and performing in for the most significant chunk of his sixty odd years on the planet (bear in mind future readers that was written in 2018). stop there would be a travesty because we haven't yet mentioned his work with schools and youth and community groups, with the UN in countries beleagured by armed civil strife, his own fantastic musical abilities, his design skills, his dramatic repertoire and his superb mastery of self promotion - just to name a few! In short Mr Brookman has led a remarkable creative life, all created by the sweat of his own brow, through the labour of his own hands, the exercise of his imagination and the skills at his fingertips...and all those collaborators and friends who've contributed enormously along the way! 


If you want a rather long and highly interesting account of Bill's life what better than to suggest that you read Jessica Hatcher-Moore's lengthy story about him at the link below!