In 2015 when this article was published the orchestra was directed by Nic Fallowfield.
The Charnwood Orchestra is an 80-piece orchestra based in Barrow-upon-Soar, Leicestershire.

The Charnwood Orchestra meets in Barrow-upon-Soar, and performs several concerts a year across Leicestershire. With a rich variety of programmes and the regular participation of superb solo artists from all over the country the orchestra is popular among players and audiences alike.

The Orchestra has around sixty regular musicians, most of whom live in the Charnwood area. Since its founding it has been a focal point for local musical talent, and today attracts players of all ages who perform together with genuine enthusiasm and musicality.

The orchestra (originally the Quorn Orchestra) was founded in 1973 by Joseph O’Reilly, Director of Music at Rawlins College in Quorn. Since that time it has enjoyed the direction of several conductors, each of whom has brought something new to the orchestra in style and taste. Nic Fallowfield took over in 1998.

As well as performing regularly around Leicestershire, the orchestra has also made several successful tours to France and Ireland.

Still under the direction of Nic Fallowfield (2015), the orchestra is performing a very wide range of exciting and imaginative programmes and continues to grow in reputation.

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