The late Nigel Lawson (no relation); Vocals and the electric nose. Sir Francis Johnson: Vocals and six string incredulity. Andrew Chorlton (token northerner); Low frequency manipulation. Brian Rodwell hits things. Fiona Maurice-Smith: The accordianiste!
Bluesy and Loughborough based these dogs bark more melodically than they bite!

Widely known in Loughborough and the surrounding area they have also been known to turn up at kennels further fact anywhere as long as there's a bar!


Dangerous Dogs played a wide range of stuff from old country blues from the 30s, to 'stuff wot we just wrote'. On the way they dabbled with a little Chuck Berry, a pinch of Fats Waller, a spoonful of Willie Dixon, a jar of Jimmy Reed, and a sprinkle of the wonderful Wiyos (check ‘em out!).


A live set never stayed in the same genre for long. They moved effortlessly from Chicago Blues to Rockabilly and from Skiffle to ’50s R&B to Rock ‘n’ Roll. In the same set you might hear ‘High Heel Sneakers’, ‘Bring Me Sunshine’, ‘Shaking All Over’, ‘I’m a King Bee’, and ‘Have a Drink On Me’.


They played for fun, and people who saw them got caught up in the fun too! Sadly front man Nigel Lawson shifted off this mortal coil in February 2015 - his lyrics will live on but (apart from the odd recording) we will no longer hear his vocals, whistles, harp or megaphonic interventions!


You can find them on Facebook! If you want to book them they aren't that dangerous and they are fully house trained (or so they say!).

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