A biography of artist Kamal Koria better known as K. Koria

This publication is a biographical account of this Charnwood based artist, Kamal Koria.  Written by his daughter, Khyati Koria-Green, the book explores the life and work of K Koria from his early life in India, teaching himself to draw and paint, to his life after moving to the UK.  Khyati regales the reader in tales of early inspiration and the struggles Kamal faced in his path to becoming an artist. From his first commission in his formative years, earning him 20 Indian Rupees to paint a portrait of the grandmother of a local lawyer to, the illustration work for music companies, Kamal had grown his career through sheer tenacity and ingenuity. 

Stories include Kamal experimenting with animal hair to make his own brushes and the cultivation of his passion for art.  The book also explores his insatiable need to work in the creative sector which led him to follow up leads and approach people working in the graphics and illustration industry and wowing them with his accomplishments.  One accounts speaks of a bet between partners in a film production business who wagered whether or not Kamal could create a design that matched one created by their current designer. Kamal surpassed their expectations, and went on to work for this and many other clients throughout his prolific career. 

The latter part of the book focuses on Kamal developing his own creative practice beyond the commercial work. The book explores the paintings that define his reputation as a leading artist living in the UK.  This brings us to the title “From one name to another’ which comments on his reputation as an artist and people only knowing him as K Koria rather than Kamal.