Suffragettes in Loughborough-Pamphlet

This pamphlet delves into the detailed history of the suffragette movement in Loughborough.  The fight for suffrage is normally seen through the lens of events in major cities such as London, however, this project and the pamphlet emanating from it throws light on the bigger picture of the fight for suffrage.  Through painstaking research led by Mike Shuker and contributions from many other dedicated researchers and historians, a vivid picture of the contribution to suffrage by people in Loughborough.

Deeds Above Words-A representation of the people and the Loughborough Suffragettes

Published in July 2019, this book focuses on the broader Heritage Lottery Fund (now named National Lottery Heritage Fund) financed project that grew out of initial research by Mike Shuker and the Loughborough Labour History Research Group. The project was a major part of the centennial commemorations of WW1.

A Walk To and Through Charnwood Forest by Visitors from Taiwan

The eight students who formed the six week long 2018 NCKU internship joined Charnwood Arts to look at ways in which Charnwood Forest could be promoted to and preserved for future generations. They looked at products produced in the forest, skills that people might work at, farming, promotion to people living in urban environments, transport, the natural environment, digital representation and a host of other factors including arts and cultural events and projects. 

Welcome Royal Lord Project 2018

This was the second project undertaken by Charnwood Arts to create a link with this triennial festival and the community which supports it in the Southern Taiwanese fishing port of Donggang. 

Remembrance - a play by Bill Brookman

What better setting for a play about a old soldier from Loughborough than the 'old tin church', the Mission Church on Storer Road. Bill Brookman and his, now wife, Madeleine Coburn were central partners in the Great War project with Charnwood Arts and All Saints Church, conducting research, creating events and overseeing the replacement of the church memorials to a more prominent position.


Where We Live and What we Know is an ongoing project from Charnwood Arts as part of People Making Places. This first phase of the project began to take place in 2017 with the development of a series of drawings focused on a selection of villages in the central part of Charnwood embracing the forest, river valley and wolds. The drawings form part of a series produced by Paul Gent that will be turned into an e-publication and exhibited at a range of locations in the borough. 


Walton on Wolds


This is a high standing village to the east of the Soar Valley and is the centre of a farming parish. It lies about four miles from Loughborough and most of the houses are grouped around the village green.





The Charnwood Great War Centenary Project Archive provides an online compilation of activities, projects and outputs between 2014 and 2017, realated to the commemoration of World War One across Charnwood.





Wymeswold, which probably started life in the late Saxon period (AD 700 - 900), derives its name from "Wymund's Wald", meaning 'Wymund's Wood'. Again, we have no information about who Wymund was but the name implies a possible link with 'Wymund's Ham' (Wymondham) in the east of the county.





This name derives from the old English words 'set', meaning an animal pen or enclosure and 'graf' meaning a ditch or grove.


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